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Value Proposition

Most important thing for me is to give the bride and groom a feeling of comfort. This happens with respect, professionalism, punctuality and planning while keeping the pleasure of unique moments for my clients.

4K Cinema Cameras

4K Drone

By filming with high resolution 4K cameras, I have the ability to distinguish every detail with accuracy.

To enhance my precision,
I use drones to capture all perspectives of the reception area.

Josiah Williamson

My name is Josiah Williamson. I live in Toledo, Ohio. I am one of the  youngest professional wedding filmmakers in the city, while still bringing a fresh look to my artistry. Filmmaking  has become a creative outlook and  passion that I’ve worked on for years on learning and improving. It’s my goal to use this gift to provide high quality and cinematic films.Let me create something simply beautiful and cinematic for you.I only select an amount of films each year so please don’t wait to reach out. Let’s talk!

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