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The basic video and photography process involves “smile, point and shoot”, then produces a product for the customer to view weeks later.

Anyone can do that!
JW Media works collaboratively with clients to envision the purpose of the shoot, the use of the images, and the response they desire to evoke from onlookers of their project. We aim to bring images to life, capture the essence and liveliness of our clients, their products, or business.

Who We Are

JW Media is led by Josiah Williamson Josiah has been an experienced photographer, videographer, video strategist, and local musician for the last 4 of years. As one of the youngest professional videographers in the city of Toledo, Ohio, Josiah brings  fresh vibrant expertise to the table for all Media Clients.

As someone who understands just how the world of social media and digital media works, Josiah looks to utilize his skills, passion, and expertise to enhance his client’s marketing presence. JW Media transforms their clients’ marketing strategies with engaging content that generates leads and converts to customers for their business(es).

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Why work with a results-driven inspired video strategist?

You will be heard and then captivated by the results. The age of video usage to send a message, tell a story, connect with customers and followers is here to stay. We all enjoy videos that are engaging, transformative, inspirational, and heartfelt. Imagine what it could be like for you to have awe-inspiring videos too! Let audiences be drawn in with your visuals, connect with your message, and fall in love with your content. We can help!


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Take a look down below to view a list of our most recent clients in the city of Toledo, Ohio and beyond.

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